Friday, March 16, 2012

Quill of Life

From: Cover Idea: Tree of Life
Regarding: I remembered doing some design work on the Tree of Life a while back for a book cover. One of the designs, #3 to the left, sort of reminded me of a both a tree, a leaf and a quill all in one. It was my 'Elven-inspired' tree.

If I turned the design for #3 upside-down and took away my idea for 'roots', the overall look is very leaf-like. If I were to bifurcate it along the center axis then I would almost have a quill. This got me thinking again. One of my friends suggested a "Leaf-Quill" as a design element so I started doodling in Gimp (thy name be praised).

So I selected the image and cleaned it up so I had something to work with.

From there I wanted to turn it into more of a tree / leaf shape so I altered the base into a long stem. I think it really became more of a 'tree' than a 'leaf' but you get the idea. I needed to create some space where I could try and work in a quill.
(Below) Then I tried to attach what I thought would be a quill tip or nib to the shape in the hopes that it would become something of a writing instrument. Oddly enough it started to look more and more dart-like but I just went with it to see where it lead me.
(Below) In an attempt to make it look less dart-like and more quill-like I bifurcated it and dressed up the 'cut' line to give it some shape.

(Below) Once I turned it on its side and had a different look at it, it started to look more and more quill like.
(Below) then I turned it to an angle so it would look more 'swept' like a quill should.
...and I'm still not sure what to do with it.

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